Microsoft’s Bing platform functions open to third-party developers

Microsoft on Wednesday announced that it has launched a new Bing (Bing) platform, while third-party developers will be open search platform will be a large number of functions, in order to facilitate these developers to create applications with a large number of innovative features based on the platform. Some Microsoft investors had previously table

Shows that Microsoft should consider abandoning Bing search engine. AllThingsD said the latest news from Microsoft on Wednesday announced the look, at least in the near term, Microsoft still will not listen to the views of these investors. In the 2013 Annual Technical Conference Microsoft Build developer held on Wednesday, the company will be

Gul Deep Pal Singh, vice president of department (Gurdeep Singh Pall) feature a live demonstration of the new Bing platform invitation to developers, hoping that they can use the “decision engine” of the various functions and the corresponding data in order to create a more creative should

Application. Parr said: “While Bing is a great search tool, but in addition to the search function, Bing also has other great value from now on, we feel developers can make full use of these features will be. to create some amazing experiences.

“? Then Bing search platform, in addition to services are there any other features Parr said, some of which will be the platform is the most” lethal “function: cloud-based visual recognition, voice control, translations, maps and travel routes to find, and Microsoft announced a new 3D ground

Figure image services. For developers, these are undoubtedly attractive features. Microsoft also hopes developers on the basis of these functions, able to develop some “killer” of Windows applications. Parr said: During the “90 years of the last century, I myself was once a

A Windows developer, I was summed up an experience. That is, if we are able to provide good performance external API (application programming interface), so developers will be able to develop some of the power of a strong application. “AllThingsD said, shows that the current Microsoft

Bing will not have to give up the idea of ​​the platform, but to the platform and Windows 8 operating system closely together, and create a corresponding ecosystems. Parr said: “For developers, it might be considered will be the platform you are developing applications for network-centric.”

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Microsoft launched MSN network of white-collar life simplify site navigation

Today announced the launch of Microsoft’s MSN site navigation specifically for white-collar users online life – Bing navigation site ( The demand for white-collar workers to navigate the site from the user’s view of life, through the massive network information carefully selected basic necessities of daily life with white-collar workers

Closely related to the live site and tool for white-collar users to provide “one-stop” information solutions that help people better manage online white-collar life. Bing navigation site with “lifestyle Bing navigation” for positioning, integration of Microsoft’s online product-related, including MSN in

Man nets, Bing search, and Windows Live and other online products, combines the various sites of white-collar crowd nowadays the most attention, the greatest degree of offers convenient, practical, comprehensive and secure network information services, so that the white-collar crowd of everyday life for the white-collar users easier side

Microsoft’s MSN, senior product director Ning when it comes to this product is designed, said: “The Internet has become an important channel to get all kinds of information, but with the explosive growth of information and the accelerated pace of life, the Internet users, especially white-collar workers users are struggling to find, pick

Election and save all kinds of useful, high value, secure website. For white-collar users face these problems, Bing navigation site hopes to user demand for white-collar workers to understand their increasingly busy lives ‘subtraction’. ”
From the practical needs of white-collar users navigate the site will be distinctive:
The most convenient – white-collar users based on the focus of attention will be the most popular sites by “workers a hot site”, “white collar basic necessities”, “MSN official website recommended” three labels displayed, white-collar users to quickly and easily find the information.
The most practical – through the “white-collar self-Gadget”, “commonly used software to work”, “free mail”, “casual games”, “bank bible” and other small modules, common white-collar users in their daily work and life website and tools collected, with the help of white-collar users

When the master of the emerging popular website that provides a one-stop website solutions.
The most comprehensive – the massive site classified according to their functions, to provide users with comprehensive, authoritative site information. Classes such as CNN News, Global Times; Wiebe workplace English classes in English, Want English; white-collar class vacation Ctrip, e dragon, as well as the current popular buy site pull

Hand, the United States Mission and so on. Bing navigation site with many well-known domestic websites to cooperate all sites information on the site have been carefully verified to ensure the effective and safe sex information.

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US Treasury hope Microsoft Google on Cuba and Iran resume instant messaging

U.S. Treasury Department said it hopes like Microsoft and Google so the company can recover against Cuba and Iran, instant messaging service, even though these countries are in the United States under the trade sanctions.
Microsoft and Google cut off Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba and even news services, said the current law prohibits the United States available for download. Now the U.S. Treasury Department said that online communications to promote the development of democracy should be restored. Through internal efforts in the United States began to bail electronic communications in the face

When can continue to trade sanctions.
Microsoft Google fulfill its obligations
The cause of the conflict is how the United States for national policy conflicts legal interpretation of trade restrictions, in addition to the implementation of comprehensive sanctions against the United States restrict the export of civilian technology for military purposes may contain.
Microsoft is the largest software maker, last year to fulfill the sanctions list is not available in the United States where the market service obligations, Dharmesh Mehta Windows Live product manager, said.
Google is not allowed to download Google Talk, instant messaging and voice chat service, or Google Earth, Google Desktop and other services. Google has a long-term, practical filtration system that can block access to users from Iran or other countries subject to sanctions’s.
Online Services
The ban is still valid, the U.S. fiscal government spokesman did not comment, but also refused to be interviewed.
The Obama administration in April this year to relax restrictions on Cuba, allowing some companies such as AT & T operating TV, mobile phone or satellite broadcasting services.
Website and blog
Today website, blog and online services have been anti-government organizations to use, China and Iran this year trying to prevent unrest on the Internet.
Iranian presidential election held on June 12, the opposition organizers used Twitter to organize street protests. U.S. State Department to discourage Twitter Twitter close to planned upgrades.
Private Communications
Washington says researcher Evgeny Morozov, instant messaging, e-mail and other private communications tools are very effective communication tool. However, these businesses operating in these countries, will encounter the risk of national sanctions policy, and why do these Internet companies

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Mozilla blasted Microsoft’s browser choice screen program called unfair

Mozilla yesterday Microsoft EU antitrust authorities proposed “browser choice screen” plan to launch an attack, saying it would favor Apple’s Safari browser, because it is the first choice.
Firefox user experience designer Jenny Boris (Jenny Boriss) yesterday said that the EU has taken the browser choice screen through unfair.
Microsoft’s proposal to provide five kinds of browsers for users to choose an option on the screen, including the IE browser, Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. Microsoft had suggested arranged in the browser market share from left to right, but was

The EU rejected. Finally, choose the arrangement in alphabetical order, so Apple (Apple) came in first, followed by Google, Microsoft (Microsoft), Mozilla and Opera.
Boris says: This arrangement will allow consumers to have only two choices, either in first place in Apple’s Safari browser, either they are familiar with the IE browser, other options will be ignored. She was particularly dissatisfied with Apple, said the Safari browser for the Windows platform is very bad

Cake, the market share is five lowest in the browser. She said: “Frankly speaking, Safari for Apple users is good, but Apple did to the Safari Windows platform under the put too much effort so this arrangement is tantamount to recommend their most consumers do not want the East.

West. ”
According to network monitoring bodies NetApplications statistics show that in September this year, Apple’s Safari browser market share of 0.3%. And IE, Firefox and Chrome were 65.7%, 23.8% and 3.2%.
Morris believes, should be based on the browser market share to arrange, with the exception of IE, Firefox is the top priority, followed by Chrome, Opera, Safari and IE browsers.
In July this year, Microsoft proposed the browser choice screen program, the European Union recently said that initially agreed to the plan, but is still collecting opinions from all sides, will make the final decision on November 9, or formal approval of the program, Microsoft continues to make adjustments or require modification.
Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith (Brad Smith) said this month that Microsoft is very pleased with the decision of the European Union.

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