Microsoft interesting than Siri voice-assisted Cortana

Microsoft’s upcoming voice-assisted services “Cortana” is considered to be one of the main competitors Siri, so people pay attention. Recently collected outside the station after they learned new details about the “Cortana”‘s. Sources said, although it will be Microsoft’s voice auxiliary

Help service called “Cortana”, even inside Microsoft are so called, but in fact the situation is not so simple: “Halo” series, developed by 343 Industries, although it belongs to Microsoft, but still belong to the company in many ways, an independent operation. Therefore, the use of game

Will be officially named as the name of the role of its own services encounter many inconveniences. Of course, the trouble does not mean that Microsoft is not considered, but we do not know whether it will eventually make a decision. In addition, previously broke the news said that Microsoft will invite “Halo” series, Cortana’s voice speech

Member Jen Taylor is responsible for voice recording. However, this time the news source said that artificial voice for pronunciation is very strict, not the whim who want to play the voice on the can. But he did not deny the rumor, saying that if Jen Taylor really negative

Responsible for dubbing, then this should be Microsoft’s recent decision, but has not yet been implemented. Interestingly, broke the news that Cortana compared to Siri to be more attractive, because it can tell the user’s own feelings now through emoticons. The source said: “Cortana UI

The upper left corner there is a small blue face, it has been working in the background, ready to pop up display may change their feelings. “By the above argument, we see Cortana does have its attraction, although some details of the conflict between the two broke, but fortunately they have confirmed

Said a new voice service has entered the Beta testing phase. I believe that soon we will be able to witness its charm.

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Microsoft released a new version of Office interpretation of the new features

Beijing early this morning, Microsoft released a new version of Office Customer Preview version, the new version of Office, called Office 365, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that from now on the spot support to download the trial. The release of Office 365 Consumer Preview moderators have three versions:

Office 365 Home Premium, Office 365 Small Business Premium Off, Office 365 Professional Plus. Ballmer said, Office 365 is more suitable for use under Win 8 system, a better sense of touch experience. Office 365 has a number of new features, but the main base

In the most fiery touch and socialize. 1, Office 365 on the most appropriate for use in Win 8 Office 365 can touch everywhere, and the program will make like a keyboard and mouse touch as a natural response to handwritten e-mail, and then converted to text.

2, the implementation of Office 365 cloud service will store the text will default to SkyDrive, users can at any time to retrieve files via tablet, PC and mobile phones, and other devices on the device to ensure that the file can not simply in the clouds. May demand the use of Office, subscription

Later, you can get away from the Office service in the case of PC, the method is fully functional applications streamed to connect to the Internet on a Windows PC. 3, while back just to catch up with the tide of social confirmation message, Microsoft acquired social software company Yammer, in

The release of Office 365 has been using. Yammer able to deliver a secure and private enterprise social network, users can register for free, and, Yammer with SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics integration. Office 365 and Skype were

Integration, users can subscribe to receive the right to use Skype after global users 60 minutes of calls a month. Ballmer revealed that the full range of products and pricing will be announced in the fall sale.

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Aspect to bring Microsoft to push new unified communications platform in Hong Kong

Leading customer contact and Microsoft platform solutions provider Aspect company recently to the financial services industry veteran shows Microsoft-based enterprise-class unified communications platform communication and collaboration solutions in Hong Kong. Rapidly changing customer behavior, which is “customer

2.0 “, is to promote the traditional contact center to make two major changes. Firstly, can no longer rely solely on traditional phone this way a single customer contact, and the network must be new features, such as self-service and mobile communications come organically integrate ; must also linked to the customer

Outside the network and service extends to the contact center, so that enterprises in other sectors were also involved, so that all members of the entire enterprise concerted enhance the customer experience. Especially in the financial and insurance industry, if not used at any time in the standing state of integration of customer contact strategy, it

Will face the risk of losing customers because “customers 2.0″ when communicating with the companies are hoping to get a fast response and high quality experience. To this end, Aspect company to Microsoft unified communications platform, launched for “Customer 2.0″ enterprise-class unified communications

And collaboration solutions, not only can simplify and automate customer service operations, and provide a better customer experience, thereby enhancing the performance of the enterprise as a whole. “We must meet the ‘customer 2.0′ requirements, but must also support enterprises to enhance the performance of Hong Kong

Is the world’s leading financial centers. For companies in terms of financial services, from credit business marketing, collections and accounts to prevent fraud, we need to have a new generation of ‘Enterprise 2.0′ technical support, “Mike Ding Aspect Greater China general manager, said, “In the

Customer contact process in the financial services business, unified communications will play an increasingly important role. Aspect worked closely with Microsoft to provide fully based on Microsoft Lync unified communications and collaboration solutions to help financial firms to establish and maintain compliance with industry standards, open

Put a flexible platform for a new generation of customer contact. “In today’s financial and insurance markets, not only need to provide customers with a variety of communication channels telephony, web portals and mobile Internet, etc. in order to improve convenience, and must ensure that a variety of channels to provide customers with highly consistent mutual

Moving experience. In this exchange and demonstration activities, Aspect and Microsoft closely, sharing how to use unified communications and collaboration technologies to construct the ‘Enterprise 2.0′, while the financial services sector for instance a scene that demonstrates banks and their customers over the phone, online chat, SMS, etc.

Switching between multiple channels, integrate a complete interactive process, including even multi-client instant communication, contact center agents as well as between senior financial advisor, so that we feel immersive, unified communications and collaboration technology can meet the “customer 2.0 “needs to provide

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2012 Microsoft IE6 browser will perish 360 and then force

Recently, Microsoft announced that, IE will start in January 2012 to add automatic update feature, to take tougher measures to eliminate IE6. Microsoft announced the news in the previous week, 360 companies issued 360 secure browser version 5.0 and began to guide the user to leave IE6 through innovative technology, sounded in

China eliminate IE6′s horn, or will accelerate the demise of IE6. It is understood that, if forced to upgrade IE6, there are some websites designed for IE6 problems when visiting. New 360 secure browser IE8 using an independent core, compatible with IE6 website. 360 security browser users

After Version 5.0, does not support IE8 encounter pages, or you can open with IE6 kernel independent, truly can later upgrade to IE8 compatible IE6. Figure 1 comes with IE8 core 360 secure browser version 5.0beta IE6 hardest hit country is currently in the country IE6

Market share of 25.2%, although higher than in January 2011 44.26% market share dropped a lot, but still occupy nearly a quarter of domestic installed capacity. Qi Xiangdong, president for IE6,360 widely criticized recently told the media that: “IE6 too have a problem, a serious security problems, make

Ding also can not be improved on the site are now using very advanced technology, if the kernel to use IE6 rendering, very slow. After the upgrade, “It is understood that 360 security browser through innovative technology, so dependent on IE6 browser’s part of the business and government users to IE8, still

Smooth open web-based and system IE6 created until eventually completely get rid of IE6. In addition, the new version of the 360 security browser also has a second-generation anti-suspended animation technology, high-risk technology and a new plug-in isolation “Fun move” interface, giving users a more carefree Internet experience.

And fully summarizes the IE6 usage, reduce the impact of the browser for the user to replace suited for work caused. Last year, a “2012″ so ​​that people of 2012 is full of fear, but this is a legendary Mayan prophecy. In fact, Microsoft and the mainstream visit

Browser vendors joint force, push IE6 installed capacity decline is a certainty. Especially in the amount of more than 235 million domestic users 360 browser, innovative kernel upgrade will automatically upgrade functionality with Microsoft IE, jointly speed the demise of IE6.

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