Microsoft’s big cut Nokia employees Beijing factory or up to 3000 people

Recently, Microsoft [microblogging] CEO Nadella employees in the company’s internal e-mail in the media, including Microsoft for Nokia [microblogging] layoffs reached 1.25 million.

E-mail, said the job cuts up to 18,000 Microsoft employees, which relate to Nokia devices and services sector employs over 12,500, accounting for about 70% of the scale layoffs. It is understood that this is Microsoft’s largest one ever layoffs.

The main reason for the layoffs, Microsoft officials told the media that the change is committed to making your Nokia device with the company’s overall strategy to achieve consistent and focus on making the greatest contribution to the field of devices on the overall strategy.

In fact, early in the week before the announced layoffs, Microsoft Nadella has proposed a new CEO for Microsoft’s future plans, intentions will be Microsoft playing a “mobile first, cloud-first” as the core of the company, productivity and platform will be treated as development priorities, it also means that as a hardware device manufacturers Nokia, will be more integrated into the grand strategy.

In fact, last Friday Microsoft’s Beijing factory layoffs have begun, the number of layoffs of 3,000 people, mainly involving Beijing Nokia’s R & D department. Currently the area were affected, including Nokia in Beijing, Tianjin, Dongguan three factories. Previously Nokia CEO Elop said before, the future of the mobile phone manufacturing industry will put Hanoi, Beijing and Dongguan retain some manufacturing operations will be transferred to other manufacturing operations in Mexico and Brazil.

However, it is worth noting that the Nokia factory in Chengdu, but does not seem to be affected. According to public information, in June, Nokia Chengdu was also because of a shortage of manpower and recruitment of administrative intern. It is reported that Nokia Chengdu mainly on sales is not responsible for the production of business phone equipment.

For the Nokia layoffs, perhaps related to its performance. According to Nokia’s recently released 2014 first quarter earnings on sales of only € 19.29, down nearly 30%, net profit of -3.39 billion euros, a decrease of 97% over last year.

It is worth mentioning that the previous Nokia CEO Elop will serve as vice president of Microsoft, responsible for Microsoft’s devices and services business. And in 2010 before Elop as Nokia CEO, served as president of Microsoft’s corporate sector, who worked on Nokia phone software. Elop as not much improvement in the sharp drop in mobile phone sales this three-year, Nokia CEO of Nokia Company’s performance during the period, its market share was Samsung [microblogging], on Apple and other mobile phone manufacturers who was home, so halloysite S & P also repeatedly been questioned markets its management capabilities. Also because of its performance in 2012 has shrunk by nearly half their salary, bonus items to zero.

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EU companies criticized Chinese anti-monopoly investigation, the EU antitrust, Daimler

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British “Financial Times” m strong in Beijing

European companies lashed out once again the Chinese government to combat the alleged violation of Chinese anti-monopoly behavior by Chinese officials said they “scare tactics” in distress, these officials unfairly directed against foreign companies.

Headquartered in Beijing, China European Union Chamber of Commerce (EU Chamber of Commerce in China) yesterday issued a rare public objection, saying that during the past year was listed as a member of the anti-monopoly enterprises surveyed have “the same position.”

“The EU Chamber of Commerce noted numerous shocking multiple industry events occurred, the authorities are using administrative scare tactics in an attempt to force companies to accept penalties and corrective measures in the absence of fully hearing,” the Association said in a statement said.

It added that Chinese authorities warned companies “do not challenge the survey, do not bring a lawyer to attend the hearing, do not request the relevant government or the Chamber of Commerce to intervene.”

Last summer, the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission, with some multinational infant formula manufacturers alleged pricing irregularities on the grounds that they are fined. Although companies are involved in the decision to accept the punishment of the National Development and Reform Commission, but many foreign executives and lawyers privately argued that China is often the result of the market price is high demand, high import tariffs, and other factors.

NDRC shot again last month, a surprise visit to the production of the Mercedes – Benz (Mercedes-Benz) German car company Daimler (Daimler) of the Shanghai office. It also said it would punish Audi (Audi), on the grounds that its dealers and repair shops to sell spare parts for alleged overpricing. American technology company Qualcomm (Qualcomm) and Microsoft (Microsoft), also confirmed that they become the object of Chinese authorities in antitrust investigations.

Reporters could not immediately NDRC officials for comment. These officials had previously insisted that their investigation both for the domestic enterprises for foreign companies, denying specifically for the latter.

Daimler, Audi and BMW [microblogging] (BMW) in the world’s biggest auto market accounts for approximately 80% of total luxury car sales, which has said it will cut the price of spare parts in China.

All three companies are in China joint venture with a local partner in producing automobile. Chinese law prohibits foreign car companies hold a majority stake in domestic manufacturing enterprises.

EU Chamber of Commerce in China, said it was concerned that “in some cases involving joint ventures, only foreign joint venture partners are called the survey point.” It also noted that, in some industries, China’s domestic enterprises apparently not been paying close attention to the official.

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Afraid to admit? Blizzard gamers, Microsoft responded NSA monitoring events

Today, Edward Snowden surveillance scandal broke against the United States is still not broken, but also more widely involved in the field.
Earlier, the United States, “New York Times,” the British “Guardian” and ProPublica site of a joint exposure of up to 82 original documents show that the United States National Security Agency (NSA) has been in the past few years been for gamers a lot of monitoring, including “World of Warcraft

“, Xbox Live, and” Second Life “(Second Life) and so has a lot of players gathered games and community platforms.
Subsequently, the media monitoring behavior NSA documents related to gaming companies and enterprises in the verification, which Blizzard and Microsoft have been successively given reply, but the content is the official flavor.
Overall, the two companies have strongly denied that their products and services by the NSA surveillance, and that it will not authorize any person to monitor behavior.
We did not find any monitoring activity, If, as media reports in that case, it certainly is permitted without our private behavior. Microsoft said in reply.
As for Blizzard, give a similar answer, said we did not find any such reports as the ongoing monitoring activities, if eventually confirmed, then it will not be in our mandated.
Currently, the combination of which broke the previous Snowden content view, NSA to monitor the behavior of the suspect is still a great player, as to why Blizzard and Microsoft denied that they are being monitored, it is likely there are two reasons: First, they really do not find (or can not afford to find) NSA

Monitoring activities, secondly, fear will lead to dissatisfaction and concerns players reluctant to admit.

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Sony Tencent gone Microsoft officially acquired the copyright war machine series

Microsoft officially announced that it will acquire Epic Games “Gears of War” series, copyright, include both existing and future works to be produced, entertainment and perimeter. Former Microsoft Vancouver studio Black Tusk team will fully take over this series, the original game’s director Rod Fergusson

Leading the team will join Microsoft to build war machines series.
As the original Xbox360 important early masterpiece, the game is not a common type of first-person shooters, but take back the third-person viewpoint strategy action game, able to more clearly show the operation of the player character’s every move, interact with the environment is also more vivid

Rich. Described as creating a shooter a new trend, it is representative.
And last year, after Microsoft released a new host family’s also clearly a variety of new work plan masterpiece, only “Gears of War” series has yet happened, once rumored Epic Games and Sony intends to cooperate, to work for the first time transplant the PS platform, because Teng

News also in 2012 after obtaining the shares of Epic Games, and some even think that might talks related cooperation programs. But Microsoft’s move now shattered all kinds of rumors are rumors, but also that Microsoft is about to be put on the agenda of the new, market analyst Michael Pachter believes Microsoft’s

Acquisition cost less than $ 100 million (equivalent to 600 million yuan).
“Gears of War” series of current global sales reached 22 million units, a total of four games. Previously the entire series has been maintained Xbox360 exclusive, and the “Halo” series has become Xbox platform together two iconic brands. Prior to “War Machine” series has been attributed Epic copyright

Games, Microsoft only has distribution rights.

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