Windows8 the introduction of new operating user must re-adapt

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows8 bound to gradually decline in the PC industry will bring a glimmer of hope, but also has a big problem: the user must take time to adapt to this new PC operating system. Windows8 operating system introduces three new basic gestures: slide down, left and right slide to slide. They sound very simple, but in practice it is asking users must gradually adapt to the job. This was 17 years ago Windows95 “Start” button has been the biggest change in the operating system. And traditional desktop different Windows8 will boot into a new start screen, some combination of the above is the application icon square shaped. These applications can be operated by the user’s gesture. Settings can be operated by the downward slide gesture. Slide from right to left, the user can search within the application and personalization. While sliding from left to right, the user can switch to an open application. In addition to these three, there are other gestures. For example, drag the icon to the bottom from the top you can close an application. When the box is set to enter the state, you can freely move each application box, just tap you can freely drag. Other operations also allows the user to open the way to multi-task applications, or quickly carry out computer settings. Is expected in October this year, Microsoft Windows8 will be available, and equipped with a touch-screen laptops and Windows8 Tablet PC operating system, this will also be a large number of shipments. The new gesture operation mentioned above is not only for the touch screen version of PC. Microsoft on Monday announced that it is working with touchpad mouse manufacturers to cooperate, which will be integrated into these control above the laptop and mouse. The latest gesture may be used in place very much. Although Windows8 be well compatible with the traditional keyboard and mouse, but some of the new operation or need to re-adapt. Use the mouse gestures can replace many features, but for those who prefer the keyboard, in switching applications, when you change settings or close the application, still requires a new way of shortcuts. In Windows8, even as the Windows key on your keyboard also has a new feature: allows users to return to the start screen. Microsoft’s flagship software, the new mode of operation is not the only major change. Windows8 users also had to adapt to two different versions of IE browser (one is the application begins on the interface, and the other is a program on the desktop), open a new way applications (when sliding up, “all applications” interface will replace the start screen), or even completely different sleep modes (“sleep mode to connect to the network”, which will be updated frequently, so that the system is automatically wake up). All of these updates will not happen two years much has changed in the PC industry to bring some angry, but the user is not a long-term habit can be changed once a day. Remember, when you start using Windows8, but in fact you learn another skill.

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Win8 CIO to be done to meet the 10 things

According to foreign media reports, Windows 8 will be officially released on October 26, for the CIO who, it appears to provide an opportunity for enterprises to update technology, but the CIO who can take on the cost of upgrading the hardware and software to make the right budget? And To this end they will immediately spend it? obviously, companies will not immediately implement any upgrade because they always want to wait until CIO saw the operating system, or even understand until its flaws make the decision whether to adopt it before. But with the approaching release time, many CIO began to realize that companies deploy Windows 8 before adequate preparation is necessary, for example, they need repeated operation of the current system, in order to ensure its fully tested prior to deployment of new systems. Below 10 point proposal indicates the CIO, there are many things to do: 1. Update your computer is likely to add Windows 8 system on a personal computer in the office, you need to ensure that the personal computer to complete the appropriate update, in the absence of a full update of computer use Windows 8 is definitely a big mistake. 2, backup this one is very clear, before deploying Windows 8, be sure to back up all the data in the computer business, there is nothing better than to update the operating system, but found that the computer was destroyed the worse. 3. Forget Windows RT Windows RT may be suitable for some consumers, but who want the most efficient use of the operating system business users, this is not enough. 4, to understand the Tablet PC, Microsoft has produced a tablet to implement Windows 8, trying to make Windows 8 can really replace the Apple iPad operating system. Pre-selection, be sure to observe the appearance and function, consider the Tablet PC is suitable for your business. 5. Try developer version compared to the final version, you can try the developer version of Windows 8, it will let you have the opportunity to get a clear idea to test the operating system is suitable for corporate office, in order to achieve a win-win. 6. Check the hardware specifications Obviously, the hardware is in the deployment of an important aspect of Windows 8 pre-need attention. Operating system requires a relatively new, powerful computer to run, and if not, you may need to upgrade your computer it costs to cope with Windows 8. 7, security is a major concern safety issues. Research must build security features in Windows 8, Microsoft claims that Windows users to use protection will ensure safe, but is it useful? Do a full investigation would be better. 8, evaluate employees before deploying Windows 8, to ensure that it is delivered to the correct value orientation and credible people, productivity and security is the key. 9, set up a schedule when the new system is deployed into the top computer companies will create and use your schedule to determine which employees need and what hardware needed to complete the work, a comprehensive plan would be helpful. 10. Remember, this is Microsoft Finally, remember that Windows 8 from Microsoft. Prior to use, you can refer to past Microsoft to your experience, whether it is good or bad, but keep in mind that Microsoft is not perfect.

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Microsoft interesting than Siri voice-assisted Cortana

Microsoft’s upcoming voice-assisted services “Cortana” is considered to be one of the main competitors Siri, so people pay attention. Recently collected outside the station after they learned new details about the “Cortana”‘s. Sources said, although it will be Microsoft’s voice auxiliary

Help service called “Cortana”, even inside Microsoft are so called, but in fact the situation is not so simple: “Halo” series, developed by 343 Industries, although it belongs to Microsoft, but still belong to the company in many ways, an independent operation. Therefore, the use of game

Will be officially named as the name of the role of its own services encounter many inconveniences. Of course, the trouble does not mean that Microsoft is not considered, but we do not know whether it will eventually make a decision. In addition, previously broke the news said that Microsoft will invite “Halo” series, Cortana’s voice speech

Member Jen Taylor is responsible for voice recording. However, this time the news source said that artificial voice for pronunciation is very strict, not the whim who want to play the voice on the can. But he did not deny the rumor, saying that if Jen Taylor really negative

Responsible for dubbing, then this should be Microsoft’s recent decision, but has not yet been implemented. Interestingly, broke the news that Cortana compared to Siri to be more attractive, because it can tell the user’s own feelings now through emoticons. The source said: “Cortana UI

The upper left corner there is a small blue face, it has been working in the background, ready to pop up display may change their feelings. “By the above argument, we see Cortana does have its attraction, although some details of the conflict between the two broke, but fortunately they have confirmed

Said a new voice service has entered the Beta testing phase. I believe that soon we will be able to witness its charm.

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Microsoft released a new version of Office interpretation of the new features

Beijing early this morning, Microsoft released a new version of Office Customer Preview version, the new version of Office, called Office 365, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that from now on the spot support to download the trial. The release of Office 365 Consumer Preview moderators have three versions:

Office 365 Home Premium, Office 365 Small Business Premium Off, Office 365 Professional Plus. Ballmer said, Office 365 is more suitable for use under Win 8 system, a better sense of touch experience. Office 365 has a number of new features, but the main base

In the most fiery touch and socialize. 1, Office 365 on the most appropriate for use in Win 8 Office 365 can touch everywhere, and the program will make like a keyboard and mouse touch as a natural response to handwritten e-mail, and then converted to text.

2, the implementation of Office 365 cloud service will store the text will default to SkyDrive, users can at any time to retrieve files via tablet, PC and mobile phones, and other devices on the device to ensure that the file can not simply in the clouds. May demand the use of Office, subscription

Later, you can get away from the Office service in the case of PC, the method is fully functional applications streamed to connect to the Internet on a Windows PC. 3, while back just to catch up with the tide of social confirmation message, Microsoft acquired social software company Yammer, in

The release of Office 365 has been using. Yammer able to deliver a secure and private enterprise social network, users can register for free, and, Yammer with SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics integration. Office 365 and Skype were

Integration, users can subscribe to receive the right to use Skype after global users 60 minutes of calls a month. Ballmer revealed that the full range of products and pricing will be announced in the fall sale.

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