Wall Street Breakfast: Before reading on Tuesday, U.S. stocks

Sina Finance YORK July 16 evening news U.S. stock futures rose slightly before the panel on Wednesday, Time Warner soared 20 percent, Apple, IBM and Intel strength. Here are the top opening of the information you need to know.

Obama called for measures to prevent U.S. companies move overseas tax reasons. In the past decade, a total of 50 U.S. companies to avoid high taxes and fled the United States.

The long-awaited BRICS Development Bank was established. State leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, trying to rebuild the current world financial order dominated by the West’s. BRIC countries has nearly half the world’s population, the bank will begin to put 2016


European leaders are expected to increase the intensity of sanctions against Russia at the summit today, because Russia is no concrete measures taken to eliminate the Ukrainian crisis. European countries are expected to be the first time for the Russian enterprises sanctions.

According to Yonhap reported that Samsung [microblogging] is seeking to cooperate with Under Armour to develop a more wearable device.

Microsoft plans to lay off business units in Finland, Nokia 1000. The cuts will be layoffs affect all offices in Finland, the former Nokia [microblogging] R & D headquarters will be closed.

Apple rose 2.2%, IBM [microblogging] rose 2.0%. The two companies announced late Tuesday, will jointly develop some commercial software, IBM will sell iPhone and iPad to its business customers.

Intel ago [microblogging] plate rose 5.5%. The company reported after the close on Tuesday’s results were better than expected. The results fell short of expectations because of Yahoo fell 3.1%.

Gtech agreed to $ 4.7 billion acquisition of International Game Technology, representing its 18% premium to Tuesday’s closing price.

Standard & Poor’s wish to restart negotiations with the U.S. Department of Justice, and hope to $ 1 billion settlement with the Justice Department. Before the financial crisis, Standard & Poor’s junk bond given high ratings.

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Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service renamed OneDrive

Microsoft is about to SkyDrive cloud storage service renamed OneDrive, and have notice this message on the service home page.

From the existing situation, OneDrive not just replace the brand name. Screenshot leaked online disclosures show that Microsoft will deploy a number of incentives to attract users to increase the usage of the service and to attract their friends also use this service.

Microsoft declined to comment.

SkyDrive now offers 7GB of free storage space. Assuming a continuation of this pattern in OneDrive Microsoft, users will get up to 15GB of free storage space, because the new policy will provide incentives for users to 8GB of additional space to meet the conditions under.

This 8GB extra space, there 5GB from recommendation: Every recommend a user, you can receive an additional 500MB of space, can recommend up to 10 people. In addition, if the user mobile photo album with OneDrive binding, you can also receive an additional 3GB of storage space.

Users can either create this association by OneDrive of iOS and Android applications, you can use the built-in functionality to Windows Phone association. Although this model has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft, but the cloud storage service Dropbox has been deployed in a similar manner, so

The strategy is not surprising.

The industry believes that the reason why Microsoft hopes users will automatically upload photos in an album to OneDrive, not only to attract users and create revenue for the service, also plans to advance the layout position to seize the potential opponents. Taking into account Microsoft’s overall vision of cloud storage services

Occupies an important position, and any related programs are worthwhile.

With the development of cloud storage industry, the price of storage space is also reduced. And because Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft are trying to compete for business and consumer cloud storage market is expected there will be more projects coming release.

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Dilemma facing video applications

We all know what Instagram to be acquired billions of dollars of high-priced, but who remembers that time together over the same period in the AppStore where there is a video applications ranked in front of it, in the first place? I am afraid that no one remember the name of that No.1 applications.
Armando (filmmaker, consultant, worked in Paramount Pictures film company, Microsoft office, taken over a number of feature films, television programs produced some) has been concerned with the field of dynamic video: “I would like to know what to do to move the development of entrepreneurs Once their eyes

We focused on my, what will make a point to. “Until now, the field should be said to shuffle video has basically been completed. For Armando, in addition to disappointment, no other feelings.

Now video applications in addition to “video sharing” and did not focus on other things, Viddy, SocialCam, Klip, Chill, Vodio, not outside so most video applications. These video applications mentioned above, like all the typical Silicon Valley produced the same concern platform

Social graph, the spread of viruses, etc., etc., and nothing else. But in the eight years removed from the film industry seems to Armando, 95% of the fun of shooting video from the shooting and before the shooting, and the contents of this part of the video applications in almost no attention. Ignore this user

Is an expression of regret on; entrepreneurial companies, not really grasp the needs of users, is not destined to go long-term. You only need to look at these little popular video sites in the content – mostly major video sites which had already appeared in the app count two years at the most

Secondary spread. This competitiveness and the possibility of being replaced imagined.
There are also some start-up companies trying to use new algorithms to filter “secondary transmission” of content, Vidify, VIKTOR, Magisto, Highlightcam, etc., but this attempt is not successful. One, an algorithm which can not be defined precisely what are “two

Times spread “; two, they are still not concerned that the focus of 95%.
For start-up companies before shooting and shooting video of neglect, but also from a part of the technical limitations. Unlike video content, text and pictures so easy to deal with, it is a fact. But look GoPro and Project Glass, you will find that it is not do anything: Strong on POV shot

Adjusted for location and timing of sharing, image stabilization, filters, wide-angle, in addition to the video itself has a lot of really interesting things.

But GoPro and Project Glass made ​​very limited, and the way such devices are limited to a number of extreme sports such scenes, scenes of daily life for ordinary capture and camera equipment no better place in general, the scope of the latter and significantly greater market potential.

One of the two different lenses in front of a combination of the video after a time, in fact, he is telling the story. Start-up companies if you want their users to feel “proud” of their own content, you must find a way to encourage users to “tell the story.”
Now highly popular photographic equipment, potatoes are played “Everyone is living director” slogan, one can imagine the huge potential of the video market. But for start-up companies, the dilemma is that they want to make a great – I mean great – video applications

Must pay attention to a lot of abstract things: storytelling, humanity, content arrangement. This is not impossible, but difficult, difficult to even need the help of Hollywood.

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WWDC effort as well as domestic mobile Internet network

iMessage launch, can be said that this is an important topic of debate in the Apple WWDC. iPhone marginalization operators first big move is to frame an AppStore, do business directly with the user. Then, FaceTime and openly began to play no operators to participate in video calls

Now iMessage SMS then also snatched from the hands of the operator. The Android and Microsoft are also doing similar things in. Operators can not only dominate the mobile Internet era, and, under the impact of the smart machine, marginalized, fragmented.

Apple released the news, but also bundled with iOS twitter, and facebook while they began to discuss virtual currency in circulation, which means the trend is that the phone number will gradually be Open-ID (refers to all the open society based user authentication system ) replaced XieHaoZhuanWang so complex

Miscellaneous things that do not need to bother several major carriers to toss. Everyone on all operator networks to Open-ID and bank card bundled with the phone only needs data channels, WiFi is good, WiMax worth mentioning, who used the station who would pay the money. Even under the regulations allow, large

Of users appears similar fragmentation patterns fon this bandwidth sharing communities. Such operators pattern is paradise intelligent machines. And it is abundantly clear ambition iCloud, Apple will attempt to communicate outside the base, eliminate all operators value-added features. In this trend drum

Under Dance, Microsoft left Nokia, right Skype, keeping pace with Apple’s efforts in rear-end collision.
This step by step under the Apple operating system, mobile terminals, features functional tight, Android divergent business models little overwhelming. Because large-scale procurement and custom cost advantages brought by this point, terminal manufacturers Android model is difficult to imitate below. Open Source

Brought a variety of castration and replacement will inevitably disrupt the user experience, even worse, from the business model point of view, Google now every successful product is a direct and user interaction, and this Android, but it is through the first three just to reach the user, this business model

, Somewhat similar to Google Initially, they were the main business is to help other search engines do not support directly to the user. The Android handset to want to provide the user directly to it, a lot of living had to start from scratch to dry. Currently, Android sales will be more

Large, however, the momentum will slow down. Meanwhile, in the depth of field service force is facing ahead of Apple. How Android open source, while maintaining the persistence and stability of the back-end services is outside the terminal adapter Google problem, we must focus on resolving the paradox

. Otherwise, an Android system, using a 360 desktops, qq mail and Baidu search, this is not the user’s lower back three market it.
Of course, despite the three major domestic carriers have extended an olive branch to Apple, but Apple Google are currently further efforts in the mobile Internet will all be 方校长 have a veto. I estimate that China’s Open-ID, the people will be like a similar mail address, and then,

Fang Jiaozhang about by every citizen control and digital streaming, made for a new era of the most powerful big brother.
Why did Nokia have obedience to the operator, each get a chance to face a Central Purchasing is like the rare Lin Xing, but eventually become thrown away. The iPhone blatant marginalization operators continue to take over the operator’s right, he was chasing a few large operators holding smelly feet? Its

The biggest difference lies in whether the product has been held hostage by the user. When the Open-ID eventually replace the phone number after the operator for the user’s last vestiges of the fetters will disappear, at that time, it was only Fangjiao Zhang operators can save a rout. Intelligent machines to rack their brains

Hijack users Fangjiao Zhang was kidnapped users directly, a carrot, a coercion, is difficult to predict who wins.
In this context, the domestic mobile Internet market, will be completely divided into two. A staged war between intelligent machines and ; another piece, is the concept of war domestic mobile Internet users and a group of three low already listed companies.

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