Communication Microsoft software source code to further open the Russian government

Beijing time on July 8, according to foreign media reports, the Russian business newspaper “Vedomosti” reported on Wednesday that Microsoft expanded the scope of a sharing agreement with the Russian government, covering some of the security services and some of the most popular Microsoft software source code . Microsoft’s public

Secretary on behalf of “Vedomosti” said Microsoft Technology Center and National Atlas of Russia signed a subsidiary agreement allowing the Russian government study Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server operating system and Office 2010 suite of code.

Microsoft and the Russian government was originally signed in 2002 a related agreement, the Russian government to allow access to Windows XP, Windows 2000 code and Windows Server 2000 operating system. After Microsoft’s new Windows operating system and other products onto the market

Russian government to ask at the beginning of the Russian president Nikolai Pryanishnikov Microsoft amend the agreement signed by both parties before, increasing access to new software code provisions. The new agreement allows the Russian government and people can not only get a single Microsoft product, and

You can also get information on the Microsoft platform for the entire program. Using this information, the staff Atlas Technology Centre will be able to write the password protection for Microsoft’s latest products to government departments. Atlas and the Russian Federal Security Service department will be shared with other departments micro-

Software code. Pryanishnikov said, to amend the agreement beneficial to both sides. For Russia, ensure that Microsoft software to meet the requirements of those government departments dealing with sensitive information is critical, and for Microsoft to expand cooperation with the Russian government in favor of Microsoft to expand in the Russian market

The business. Currently, Microsoft’s revenue accounted for the Russian state company Russian market orders throughout the revenue share of 10%, the market research firm IDC estimated at around $ 1 billion, but Microsoft has not been confirmed.

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Facebook controls the display ad revoke Microsoft Banner

February 6 news, Facebook to fully control the display of ads on the site themselves, withdrew to allow part of the Microsoft Management Facebook website display ads exclusive deal.
However, Microsoft’s Facebook site as the exclusive provider of Web search will continue to display text-based search ads on the Facebook website, because the two companies have put this cooperation agreement will be postponed due 2011 to 2011 later. Facebook spokesman did not

The deal has to say how long the delay.
Microsoft also said it in his own Bing search engine extended to areas outside the United States and will further the search engine will be integrated into the Facebook website.
Facebook said that its own display advertising interactive features to display ads based on personal information for readers, more suited to their social networking service than Microsoft’s standard web banner advertising.
Facebook said in a statement, ad formats performance characteristics with social action and better able to provide a better user experience, because the look and feel of these ads is more consistent with the Facebook website. This targeted and social relevance of this strategy is the combination of transformation

The main driving factors.
Facebook says it recently stopped banner ads displayed in Microsoft some international markets, and with Microsoft after additional negotiations have agreed to stop displaying Microsoft banner ads in all the Facebook website. This change will take effect in the next 30 days.
Facebook has long been selling other parts of the user’s profile page and Facebook in their display ads. However, Facebook allows Microsoft to sell banner ads in certain parts of the Facebook site in 2006. This is more than an extension of trading in 2007, will

2011 years ago due.
Facebook spokesman did not elaborate advertising deal between Microsoft and whether to include revenue-sharing agreement, nor does it explain the change in the deal whether Microsoft would like to pay.

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Wall Street Breakfast: Before reading on Tuesday, U.S. stocks

Sina Finance YORK July 16 evening news U.S. stock futures rose slightly before the panel on Wednesday, Time Warner soared 20 percent, Apple, IBM and Intel strength. Here are the top opening of the information you need to know.

Obama called for measures to prevent U.S. companies move overseas tax reasons. In the past decade, a total of 50 U.S. companies to avoid high taxes and fled the United States.

The long-awaited BRICS Development Bank was established. State leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, trying to rebuild the current world financial order dominated by the West’s. BRIC countries has nearly half the world’s population, the bank will begin to put 2016


European leaders are expected to increase the intensity of sanctions against Russia at the summit today, because Russia is no concrete measures taken to eliminate the Ukrainian crisis. European countries are expected to be the first time for the Russian enterprises sanctions.

According to Yonhap reported that Samsung [microblogging] is seeking to cooperate with Under Armour to develop a more wearable device.

Microsoft plans to lay off business units in Finland, Nokia 1000. The cuts will be layoffs affect all offices in Finland, the former Nokia [microblogging] R & D headquarters will be closed.

Apple rose 2.2%, IBM [microblogging] rose 2.0%. The two companies announced late Tuesday, will jointly develop some commercial software, IBM will sell iPhone and iPad to its business customers.

Intel ago [microblogging] plate rose 5.5%. The company reported after the close on Tuesday’s results were better than expected. The results fell short of expectations because of Yahoo fell 3.1%.

Gtech agreed to $ 4.7 billion acquisition of International Game Technology, representing its 18% premium to Tuesday’s closing price.

Standard & Poor’s wish to restart negotiations with the U.S. Department of Justice, and hope to $ 1 billion settlement with the Justice Department. Before the financial crisis, Standard & Poor’s junk bond given high ratings.

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Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service renamed OneDrive

Microsoft is about to SkyDrive cloud storage service renamed OneDrive, and have notice this message on the service home page.

From the existing situation, OneDrive not just replace the brand name. Screenshot leaked online disclosures show that Microsoft will deploy a number of incentives to attract users to increase the usage of the service and to attract their friends also use this service.

Microsoft declined to comment.

SkyDrive now offers 7GB of free storage space. Assuming a continuation of this pattern in OneDrive Microsoft, users will get up to 15GB of free storage space, because the new policy will provide incentives for users to 8GB of additional space to meet the conditions under.

This 8GB extra space, there 5GB from recommendation: Every recommend a user, you can receive an additional 500MB of space, can recommend up to 10 people. In addition, if the user mobile photo album with OneDrive binding, you can also receive an additional 3GB of storage space.

Users can either create this association by OneDrive of iOS and Android applications, you can use the built-in functionality to Windows Phone association. Although this model has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft, but the cloud storage service Dropbox has been deployed in a similar manner, so

The strategy is not surprising.

The industry believes that the reason why Microsoft hopes users will automatically upload photos in an album to OneDrive, not only to attract users and create revenue for the service, also plans to advance the layout position to seize the potential opponents. Taking into account Microsoft’s overall vision of cloud storage services

Occupies an important position, and any related programs are worthwhile.

With the development of cloud storage industry, the price of storage space is also reduced. And because Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft are trying to compete for business and consumer cloud storage market is expected there will be more projects coming release.

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